Wednesday, September 5, 2007

if wishes were horses

might be amateurish
1. supress itself(5).
2. a lit prison,the first in hundred model perhaps(5,6)
3. a soldier from the god's own country?(7)(not for sri hari,maybe spl....)
4. substitute little erik for mechanical riddle(5,1,4)
and lastly i
5.praise u for puzzle(6)

all the best

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The following clues are connected.

1. Tidy airspace in heavenly town (8,4)

2. Precipitation towards the fag end of the year (8,4)

3. Invalid delete surprisingly results in a Bond movie (4,3,3,3)

4. Alienated Red agents in uproar! (9)

5. Ring and hum to the lone sponge (9,4)

Should be really easy. Think music. And the connect is a sitter ;)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crosswords !

september 1st, 2007

Am expecting a lot of right answers this time. You can post them as comments. Have fun !


I love to hide behind swirling dust in the workshop (6)


Red enough, perhaps, when scraped (9)


Shoe that seems not to give you a very sure footing (7)


Clever words for a new pie with some weight to it (7)


I'm a dog, Edward, attacked by words ! (8)


Iberian city in which one is left between two rings (6)

I shall post the answers tomorrow ........