Sunday, December 23, 2007

For a change...

I picked this up from the Hinduxword Yahoogroup. Let's try coming up with clues for words.

Something that struck me (I think I saw it once quite a long time back in The Hindu Crossword) as a standout clue was one for the word CHEST : Revolutionary way to align a trunk (5), the funda being Revolutionary = CHE (Guevara), way = ST (short for street), "to align" being the connector. The best part is there are no loose words in this clue, and every word has a defined role to play.

So we'll try the same. Here are five random words/phrases that came to my head. Let's coin clues.


Stand and deliver

Vox populi



You're welcome to coin as many clues as you can. Anagrams are welcome, though wordplay and well-disguised telescopic clues would make for better clues.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Coming back to life...

Pardon the lull between posts. I was tied up with psenti-sem constraints ;)

Anyway, connect the following clues. The list is exhaustive.

A letter loses bet, finds another (5) ALPHA-{BET}

Cry of approval from the assassin (5) BRAVO [2]

Stop dividing Berlin, fellas! (7)CHARLIE (After Checkpoint Charlie)

River splits here, altered without Erbium deposits (5) (Altered - Er)* = DELTA

Recall the story of Greek nymph (4) ECHO [2]

Deceive, and run away to dance (7) FOX TROT

Game people play, and get flogged in return (4) GOLF <-

Thole misplaced in an inn (5) HOTEL*

Nation well within Diana's nation (5) INDIA[T]

A measure of thousand (4) KILO

I'm in the French capital city (4) L I'M A

Alternate name for a sound device (4) MIKE

Time when you need some time on your own (8)NOVEMBER {Lyrics of November rain...a bit arbit) back vehicle to bag the award! (5)OS<-CAR

Parent pays 50% twice PA PA(4)

Becquerel lost his tail in the Canadian city (6)(BECQUEREL - {REL})* = QUEBEC

Bloomer loses start to a casanova... (5){-BL}OOMER* = ROMEO

.....and she'd probably die without the casanova in question! (6)JULIET

A riser amongst the range of mountains (6) SIERRA*

Got an idea for a ballroom dance? (5)TANGO*

A consistent piece of clothing (7) UNIFORM [2]

I cavort playfully, without a winner (6) VICTOR*

Quickly move away unknown drink (6)WHISK Y

Radiation rendered nameless (1-3) X-RAY

Pitcher possibly concerned with big apples (6) YANKEE

Possibly natal lingua franca (4) ZULU

Connect: NATO Phonetic alphabet.

Note: The first one is actually spelt ALFA. Anyway, wiki it up here.